Pipe Band Wall of Fame


As one can see from the ‘Band History’ section of this website, while Manitoba is not a large or over-populated province, it has still been home to a lot of pipe bands. Many of these bands were spearheaded by pioneers and leaders in bagpiping and drumming who shared their musical talents with us, infused their enthusiasm for the craft in us, and helped raise the bar in our level of playing.

This section of the website hopes to bring to you a snapshot of some of these leaders. I think of this as ‘a work in progress’ as more names come to light. If you know of someone who should be mentioned here, or more information on an existing ‘biography’, please feel free to contact us.

Submitted by:

Robyn McCombe

Alex Cupples Sr.

Pipe Major Tommy Thompson

Eulogy to William MacLeod

Pipe Major Robert Fraser

George Lawrence

Doug Will

Don Morrison

Ian Conn

Ian Conn

Marlene Stephen

William (Bill) Ramsay